Gail Mummy

Salt Lake City, Utah—The Salt Lake County Sherriff’s department has identified a body which appears to have been sealed inside a brick wall nearly thirty years ago as that of Gail Ruzicka. Construction workers discovered the desiccated corpse during the demolition of a condemned building in Magna, Utah.

“We were tearing down this old house, and when we went to bust down the bricks, we found something that gave us the heebies,” explained construction worker Kyle Taylor. “It looked like a mummy—skin all dried out and crispy, empty eyed. I’ll never get that image out of my head as long as I live.”

Police records show that the body had been bricked over following what appeared to be ritualistic murder. A theory backed up by Taylors’s first-hand account.

“When we ripped out the carpet, there were all kinds of strange symbols and signs painted on the floor. We were all pretty creeped out, and we hadn’t even found the body yet.”Gayle Ruzicka

Dr Rebecca Kneifel, an expert in religious anthropology and a professor at the University of Utah identified the symbols as being ancient Sumerian and explained that they were typically used in ceremonies believed to summon demons who could take on human shape in order to secretly enact the will of the devil.

Dental records and the presence of a driver license issued in 1979 were cited as evidence that the body was indeed that of Ruzicka. DNA tests confirmed the identity of the remains.

While Ruzicka (or the demon who is using her mortal form) could not be reached for comment, Honeypot reporters were able to reach one unnamed Eagle Forum spokesperson, but the only response offered pertaining to Ruzicka was, “Shamish Tamerik Kullatu Kullatu Marduk Shalleenaa Nisaba.” The Eagle Forum spokesperson then threw goat’s blood on the reporter.