Scientists at Brigham Young University have announced the discovery of the exact part of the male reproductive system that is responsible for producing the priesthood. While the connection between the priesthood’s mantle of power and male genitalia has long been understood, researchers have been unable to pinpoint the exact site of priesthood production until now. Updated imaging technologies allowed BYU scientists to observe the formation of priesthood within its newly confirmed source in the Cowper’s gland. From the Cowper’s gland, priesthood can be released either directly through the palms into another person’s head or through the skin around the head and neck area where it will create a heavenly glow that can be felt by anyone who isn’t desensitized to the Holy Ghost.

preisthood gland

“It’s really exciting to be a part of a discovery like this,” explained Kent Whitmore, a doctrinal fellow at BYU’s college of biological sciences. “It’s wonderful to see science confirming, yet again, what the gospel has taught all along. It’s just like the time science revealed that caffeine is actually bad for you, if it’s in coffee or tea anyway.”

Whitmore went on to explain that the Cowper’s gland, or “priesthood gland” as it is now being called, begins producing small amounts of priesthood during puberty and reaches Melchizidek levels of priesthood production at the exact moment a man turns eighteen.

Whitmore noted that, “This is the most important priesthood-related biological discovery since we learned that sperm cells are actually very small, fully developed humans that just need an empty womb to grow in.”

human sperm