Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 9.26.25 PMMars, Milky Way Galaxy – Recently, the drivers of the Curiosity Rover created what can only be described as a breathtaking show of artistic expression on the surface of Mars. As if the Curiosity track drawing wasn’t impressive enough, when you dig into the science behind driving the Rover and creating an image at the same time, respect for these drivers, well, skyrockets. The skill it took to create this anatomical work of realism is far more complicated than using the finger-pad to do Paint on your computer or directing your fastest car around the Gran Turismo track.

As reporters found out when talking to NASA scientists, in order to move the Curiosity, the drivers have to create a series of commands for a plotted course, test the commands, and uplink them. All, of course, while taking into account the safest courses for the Curiosity and factoring in stops along the way for taking pictures of their track artwork. Once Curiosity completes the commands, it sends the signals back through communication satellites. One can really only imagine the math involved in plotting each stage of this Mars masterpiece.

NASA insiders report internal fundraising efforts for a second Mars mission. Curiosity II (or Bi-Curiosity) will of course be equipped with updated lab equipment for scientific experiments, but its main mission will be to create an anatomical pairing next to their most recent work of art. Options include a pair of breasts or the phone number of one unnamed NASA scientist’s ex-girlfriend next to the phrase, “For hot action call … .”