Following the publication of “The Lord’s Standard of Morality” in the March issue of The Ensign, a number of Wasatch Front therapists, feminists, and masturbators began voicing concerns with details of Elder Tad Callister’s talk. One particular point of contention was how the section on modesty dealt exclusively with women’s dress. “Modesty is not just a girl thing,” responded one church spokesperson. “The modesty section of Elder Callister’s original draft was much more detailed, but due to space constraints, several paragraphs were removed. To underscore the fact that modesty applies equally to men and women, we will happily release the portion that had been edited out.” The omitted content appears below.

Tad R Callister

Now I would like to address the brethren. Just as the dress of a woman has a powerful impact upon the minds and passions of men and some women, the dress of a man has a powerful impact upon the minds and passions of women and some men. When men wear clothing that is too low or too high or too tight, it may prompt improper thoughts, even in the mind of a young woman or man who is striving to be pure.

We men must recommit to modesty in our dress, particularly for the benefit of our same-sex-attracted brethren. Since we know that Heavenly Father wants these brothers to live lonely lives of absolute celibacy, it is our duty to never prompt their improper thoughts. If these brethren never see the masculine attributes to which they are attracted, they will never act on these improper impulses and remain content to never experience the tenderness and comfort of an intimate connection with another human being. If, however, they succumb to these unpardonable impulses because of your appearance, the fault lies not on them but on you.

modest swimwear

Strictly obeying gospel standards of modesty during outdoor activities will free you from anxiety of possibly causing improper thoughts in others. The young men in this Anaheim Third Ward Priests Quorum activity show them wholesomely enjoying a fun-filled and modest day at the beach.

Let the knowledge that you can control and are responsible for the thoughts of others guide you in all your grooming and dress habits. For example, if the women and same-sex attracted men with whom you associate are primarily attracted to men with facial hair, be sure to shave daily. If they are primarily attracted to clean-shaven men, the modest course would be to grow out your beard. Shirts should be sleeved, always buttoned to the neck, and never slim cut or form-fitting. Unflattering pleated pants that are baggy around the seat and loins should be the norm for which we strive. Do not think beach or pool activities as an opportunity to relax your standards. If dressed immodestly, these situations can easily result in you becoming a source of impure thoughts for others. Always wear garments under baggy knee-length board shorts in order to minimize unseemly and attention-grabbing bulges or bouncing and never wear swim shirts that do not completely cover your garment top. To assist with furthering men’s modesty, all men’s garment bottoms sold at Distribution Centers will include the new Chaste-lock© system, which features a tight spandex liner to ensure that the sacred male reproductive anatomy is held absolutely flat against the body. Remember, the only person who should ever see more than your bare face, forearms, or hands is your wife in the privacy of your dimly lit bedroom.


I testify to you that women and men can dress modestly and in the process contribute to their own self-respect and to the moral purity of others. If done correctly, your modesty will ensure that people will look at you with either indifference or revulsion. By carefully covering your physical attributes, you will avoid the type of woman who is drawn to an attractive earthly tabernacle.